The Ultimate No-Nut Butter

Yippea was started by two college students who wanted to help people with restrictive diets enjoy foods with their friends and families. They quickly sought out to create shareable snack foods that are wholesome, allergen-friendly, but most importantly, great-tasting.
Yippea is a brand of unique, allergen-friendly, better-for-you chickpea butters that serve as alternatives to classic peanut butter and chocolate hazelnut spreads. Our chickpea butter spreads are free of the top 14 food allergens which cause over 90% of all food allergy reactions. Our “original” flavor successfully mimics the sweet, salty, and nutty flavor of classic peanut butter with no nuts and less calories. Our “chocolate” flavor is an indulgent, yet guilt free, alternative to popular chocolate hazelnut spreads. It has less calories and sugar than "the other guys" while also boasting a higher fiber and protein content, but its taste rivals its sugar laden competitors.

Meet the Brains Behind Yippea!

Taylor leads the daily operations of the business and actively works to build our brand from the ground up. He is a recent graduate from Ohio University with a degree in Finance.

Sarah is the driving force behind product formulations and is working hard to provide more options based on consumer feedback. She is currently studying food science at The Ohio State University and loves to try new foods and cook (if someone else will clean the dishes).