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My son has multiple food allergies and came to me the other day asking what peanut butter tastes like. It nearly ripped my heart, but I got to work and found this product online. Ordered it on Amazon Prime and it arrived two days later. HE LOVES IT!!! Thank you for everything you do!


I met these people at a farmer's market in columbus and bought a original for myself and the nutella flavor for my husband. He wisely didn't crack into his, while I was in mine before we even got back to our home state and all the way through the container in a day. Since then, I've been re-purchasing on here and telling myself that someday it would get to a sandwich.

But that is a lie. It will never get to a sandwich, I will just eat it.

S. Strader

Way better than peanut butter. Mine never even makes it to sandwiches


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